Dear Family,

As a leader, parent, friend, mentor, and ordained minister, I have made it my life’s purpose to serve the people and assist with the global healing of the planet.

I am the Founder of the Outstanding Motivational God/desses (OMG). An organization I created as a way for like-mined and aware light beings, to work together and create sustainable change for the betterment of our society. The Forward Movement is our flagship initiative whose purpose is to develop, uplift, and cultivate Africa (its people, processes and infrastructure); through strengthening the relationship between the African-Diaspora and native Africans, increasing accessibility to daily necessities (such as clean water and sustainable foods), helping to develop and distribute beneficial technology and education, and honoring its rich history, culture and resources.  

I am grateful and honored to do my part in assisting people and the planet, wherever I can be of service. And I am grateful for you, in joining us in this process. We foresee the global success of The Forward Movement, through the organization of a worldwide team that has the love, skills, talents, and dedication to facilitate the “forward movement” in our global consciousness, daily living and spiritual evolution.

I truly believe that when we begin to love ourselves, only then can we truly love one another. I, Dr. Niemah Nefertiti-Royal, embrace the path of highest love, and am much honored to have your energy as contribution to The Forward Movement, however you are guided to assist. Together we can make the world a better place.

With Much Love and Light,


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