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Domestic Violence Healing Program


The mission of our program is to empower women to obtain a greater self-love and self-sufficiency by providing quality, compassionate, and nonjudgmental services in a manner that fosters self- respect and independence in persons experiencing intimate partner violence, and to lead the struggle to end domestic violence through advocacy and community education. We fulfill our mission through innovative programs and community collaborations, serving a community of women that attend our workshops at Child and Family Services each week.

We are developing a leading domestic violence service in Hawaii, touching thousands of people each year through empowerment programs, transitional healing communities, long-term supportive services, behavioral health therapy, legal services, hotline counseling, and community education, advocacy, and technical assistance. Our new strategic plan aims to fill critical gaps in the community’s response to domestic violence; strengthen and deepen our impact as an organization that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years; enhance our programs’ accessibility to varied vulnerable populations; and invest in essential infrastructure. The goals laid out in this plan will allow WEAREOMG to further its mission by meeting the safety needs of victims, while also participating in transformative change that will better equip our community to respond to domestic violence and strive to end this public health epidemic. We hope you will partner with us as we create:



Domestic violence is rarely a “stand alone” problem: issues associated with inadequate housing, untreated substance use disorders, mental health problems, child abuse and neglect, unemployment, debt, and poverty co-occur with domestic violence.

In collaboration with other organizations, we completed an environmental scan; affirmed our shared commitment to the organization’s vision and mission; and identified an expanded target population. We also conducted a thorough analysis of each of our programs using a cost-benefit and marketing model; as well as an examination of our infrastructure, including human resources, financial management, resource development, communications, technology, facilities, compliance, and board governance.

We envision more women with a greater self-love by educating and empowering women to lean on God for strength and love.

When they learn to lean on the almighty god they then can recognize the strength and love that they have inside themselves that will

assist them with getting the necessary help that they need to either speak up, leave or get family counseling.



1. Expands visibility of empowerment program under an anonymous program outline, and safe environment. This will ensure that the program will reach women that need assistance and have no one to turn to and nowhere to go.

2. Increase diversity and reach women that have never been in a domestic violence program.

3. Implement an empowerment program in a faith based community that assist women with self-love, self-esteem and resources.

4. Develop internal communication practices that honor confidentiality, respect and love.

5. Expands the faith based community.


9 Key Elements of Effective Prevention

1. Prevention: Building Skills Programs are focused on building skills to prevent domestic violence and sexual violence

2. Comprehensive Programs use comprehensive educational approaches that are multi-session, provide an array of interventions and methods for communicating the message, and are interactive.

3. Sufficient Dosage Strategies provide exposure to information with enough quantity and intensity to be effective.

4. Theory Driven Programs use proven prevention strategies, program models, and curricula that have been evaluated, researched, and/or shown to be promising in terms of their theory of change about why the activities or strategies will prevent violence.

5. Social-Ecological Model Prevention interventions are aimed at affecting more than one level of the social-ecological model: 14 ♣ Individual: activities aimed at changing or influencing attitudes and beliefs (e.g. Education) ♣ Relationship: activities aimed at influencing how people relate with their families, or intimate

6. Appropriately Timed Program is tailored appropriately to the intellectual, cognitive, and social development level of participants.

7. Socio-culturally Relevant Program is relevant to participants and the local community norms and cultural beliefs and practices.

8. Participants Individuals and groups such as: Women and Young Women ages 13 and up

9. Outcome Evaluation Programs have an outcome evaluation component to show that positive change occurred as a result of the effort.



A Service/Program Model DV prevention services will use approaches that:

1. Develop skills and competencies that develop and foster healthy relationships, and

2. Develop their abilities to use skills in, and knowledge of, healthy and unhealthy relationships that minimizes or protects them from future violence. For this proposals chosen will be those which pair prevention programming for individuals with those focused on relationship or community impact prevention components.).

WEAREOMG primary prevention services will: 1) Build skills in healthy relationships; 2) Prioritize young women and adult women ages 13 and up, with an emphasis on adult women.


1. We will focus on educating women about healthy relationship skills Awareness of dating,

domestic, and sexual violence Understanding of healthy/unhealthy relationships Understanding of, and skill development in, appropriate behaviors in healthy relationships Awareness of community resources for victims, survivors, and perpetrators of abuse and violence Understanding of the red flags for unhealthy, demeaning, violent, or potentially exploitative relationships And, two or more expected service components from the following: Service Components Description.

2. Educate and engage influencers of women Influencers are able to articulate healthy relationship skills, attitudes and behaviors Influencers are able to co-facilitate educational sessions Influencers are able to mentor and support other DV women develop healthy relationship skills.

3. Implement youth-led communication/social marketing strategies Strategies for delivering messages that resonate with Dv women, in ways consistent with how women communicate, for the purpose of spreading messages that relationship violence and sexual assault should never be tolerated.

4. Strengthen self-esteem, foster positive development and pro-social behavior Strengthen women and assets their resilience against unhealthy relationships Strategies increase level of self-esteem and respect for women and others Strengthen women skills to communicate, cooperate and have positive interactions with children, family members, job and program staff.

5. Educate women about community resources Raise awareness of resources and educate women to know how and where to seek help if/when needed.


Niemah Nefertiti Royal PH.D, D.D

Is A Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Author of RAISE YOUR VIBRATION NOW!!, A Minister, Philosopher, Motivational Speaker and a Community and Global Leader. Dr. Royal Ph.D.,D.D. is dedication to educating people about philosophies and pragmatic information that helps to build solid foundations within themselves. She spends most of her time assisting others however she can; through her writings, motivational speaking and educational programs, she inspires and informs people with the connective manner in which she educates people, about how to implement Emotional Intelligence in their daily lives. Dr. Royal has accomplished sharing her love by creating WeareOMG an organization that assist people and communities across the globe. She will continue this work as a Humanitarian, Author, Motivational Speaker and educator. Through the work that she is doing in collaboration with and Child Family Services she facilitate Domestic Violence Workshops for women every other Friday. These workshop shops have sparked a tremendous change in the participants’ self-esteem and self- love. Dr. Royal is also a member of the Dome Gaia team she actively assists with creating eco-sustainable communities globally that motivates and accelerates excellence in a community environment.

DV Program Team Members

Alicia Gasmen

Is a Diversion Specialist with Hope Services, a first-hand voice for the public as financially challenged individuals and families are seeking assistance in difficult and stressful situations. Alicia has the ability to listen actively while expressing compassion and understanding without judgement, therefore assisting clients with obtaining the resources that are needed to obtain a holistic living environment. Problem solving, linking and bonding to different organizations are just a few of Alicia star qualities, she is also friendly, personable, loving and concern about the welfare of others. She always had the desire to help people and see the best in a person, the initial opportunity allowed her to work at a Domestic Violence Shelter a program of Child and Family Services. During her 7 year employment at the DV Shelter, Alicia has been blessed to have assist Woman and Men who were lost, confused, abandoned, lonely and helpless to get the necessary assistance needed to start over and regain their self-confidence and independence from their abusers. While working at the shelter she not only helped participants

at the lowest point in their lives but also, recognized that she was learning lessons about life and how resilient people can be. She understands that people in these situation requires empowerment, positivity, support and encouragement. She has the knowledge and experience to assist with such a wonderful program that will help so many women to gain the courage to seek the help that is needed to identify when they are being abused and get the resources needed to leave, or seek counseling.

Gordlynn A. Dias

Currently manage and supervise a caseload of approximately 20 clients who are victims of domestic violence abuse. These cases require the use of sound professional, legal and social casework knowledge; as well as the understanding and application of the best practice approaches to achieve optimum rehabilitation outcomes and to reduce ongoing abuse. She networks extensively with community and government agencies to establish excellent working relations with key stakeholders. Gordlynn responsibilities are as follows: Maintaining a record of clients’ activities and requirements, assisting clients with preparing and filing a TRO as well as providing court advocacy for the TRO Court Hearings’. She also assist clients through the legal processes and explains to them their rights, provide educational support, conduct comprehensive client assessments that encompass emotional, social, mental health and professional needs of client/victims. She absolutely love assisting people that need assistance with identifying DV and receiving the help that is needed to get free from the abuse victims may be experiencing. She will gladly assist with expanding the range of our DV program so more women can receive the assistance that is needed to survive, flourish and grow.