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Our purpose is to raise the vibration of the planet, by joining our resources, energy, knowledge and power to unite our brothers and sisters, globally. Collectively, we are creating a synergy that empowers and directs the global movement by providing essential elements to the people in need of clean water, housing, food, education, sustainable energy, mentorship, empowerment, and entrepreneurship programs.  


Support the victims of the Hawaii Natural disasters

Our founder, Dr. Niemah Nefertiti Royal is passionate about raising money to support the victims of the Hawaiian Natural Disasters. She too is a resident of Hawaii and lives on same island that 2 of the 3 disasters have taken place. She felt compelled and called to help the victims of the three (simultaneous) disasters that have hit the Islands. The Flooding, the Earthquake, and the Volcano Eruption has left thousands of families without homes, food, clothing, transportation, money, and other basic necessities needed for human survival. Our goal is to help as many families as possible, receive the assistance that they need.

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Thousands of people are displaced and need assistance. And we cannot do this alone. WE NEED YOUR HELP. If we all chip in and do our part, we CAN help the residents of this beautiful paradise islands that everybody loves. It doesn't matter how big or how small, EVERY DONATION COUNTS! Each donation helps a woman, child, man, and/or family get the assistance that they need to survive and weather this terrible storm. 

Visit our GoFundMe Page today to make a donation

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We will do all we can in our power, to assist those in need. Donors will get updates about the families that will be supported with testimonials and pictures, in order to keep things transparent. 

We are honored and grateful for your support and assistance to those in need.


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A Note To My Readers

I am honored that you have chosen to read this book.

I wrote this book because of the love that I have for humanity. I love to see people operating at their highest selves. This book was written not only to help you, but to also assist people that are in need of water, food, clothing and shelter.

ALL the proceeds from each book sold will go to The Global Water and Food Campaigns sponsored by the Forward Movement.

So I thank you in advance for the love you have for yourself and humanity, by taking positive steps towards raising your vibration.





In This Book You Will Learn:

  • Step-by-Step Detox Program that will help your body, mind and spirit feel amazing
  • Understanding how to use your manifestation abilities to attract greatness into your life
  • How to age less by connecting, communicating and honoring your energy within




The mission of our program is to empower women to obtain a greater self-love and self-sufficiency.

We fulfill our mission through innovative programs and community collaborations, serving a community of women that attend our workshops at Child and Family Services each week. We provide quality, compassionate, and nonjudgmental services in a manner that fosters self- respect and independence in women experiencing intimate partner violence.

Click HERE for more information about our program. 



WeareOMG has partnered with DomeGaia to create a disaster relief Initiative that assist with short term and long term housing solutions.

Currently we are organizing disaster relief solutions and communities in Hawaii because of the Floods in Kauai, volcanic eruption in Hilo that also sent of a string of earthquakes and poisonous gases. These natural disasters have left thousands of individuals and families homeless and financially destitute.

Our program is not only educational but allows the participants to earn their own modular tiny home that they are allowed to keep and move if necessary. Our goal is to implement this program in third world countries to ensure that people have homes and communities that foster their economic and agriculture growth.  Along with our housing initiative we will also implement our wellness Initiative that foster the overall health and wellness of a community.

Each community will have their own healing center where health and wellness workshops will be held daily. The center will be equipped for teaching as well as hosting healing retreats that will be marketed globally to bring tourist and interested landowners to participate in a healing week of physical, emotional and food therapy. The centers will create community jobs, revenue and financial sufficiency.

Below are some of the programs that will be implemented into our disaster relief communities.

  1. Emotional Well Being

  2. Domestic Violence Programs

  3. Entrepreneur  Programs

  4. Agriculture Programs

  5. Permaculture

  6. Spiritual Programs

  7. Gardening

  8. Healthy Food Preparations

  9. Building Eco Homes

  10. Various Engineering Programs

  11. Youth Programs



  1.  Displaced Disaster Victims
  2. Financially Challenged Individuals and Families

  3. Women or Men that are experiencing Domestic Violence

  4. Loving People That Want to Be A part of Loving Evolving Communities


The mission of The Global Water Campaign is to raise awareness globally about the water crisis that exists around the world. Many countries, cities and island have problems with clean drinking and bathing water. It is our goal to raise funds for atmospheric water units and water stations. These stations will provide safe places where village residents, communities and islands can go get clean drinking and bathing water. 

Water is an essential element for survival, a necessity for every living being. Therefore, it should never be taken for granted. Many of us have water at such an abundance we may not realize how fortunate we are. There are billions of people being affected by a water crisis. Nearly one billion humans have no access to clean, drinkable water, and 2.5 billion people do not have access to a toilet or proper sanitation systems. 


We are committed to achieve the mission, goals and objectives of the Global Water Campaign. As part of our process, we are coordinating the collaborative efforts of residents, municipalities, regulators and legislators. We believe that it is important to engage all key stakeholders in the development of appropriate clean-up and restoration plans in securing the necessary funding to implement these efforts. 

Now is the time to execute these strategies to implement solutions to help provide one of the most essential elements for people in need. 



  • Love yourself- Spend time in nature, reflecting, reading, or learning how to raise your vibration.
  • Do something kind and generous daily
  • Eat healthy, Exercise, Meditate
  • Send positive energy out to your friends, family, planet and UNIVERSE.





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  • Donate Time:

Volunteer for the Forward Movement in your area of expertise.

  • Donate Money:

Any amount is significant and appreciated. Every bit helps us get closer to our goals.

  • Donate Resources:

Donate land, equipment, shipping containers, office supplies, computers, etc. All resource donations can also be used as a tax write off.


*Your donations help build schools for free education, provide housing, clothes, food, clean water, mentorship programs,  empowerment programs for women and children, online education and entrepreneurship programs. 

**All donations are tax deductible